Collaborative Funding

How to get paid for a Cobudget Bucket

First, you need to figure out whether you're invoicing Enspiral Services or Enspiral Foundation. See the Venture Profiles if you're not sure.

Then, if your work was for Foundation, fill out this form first

If your work was for an Enspiral Services bucket, email with an invoice that includes:

  • the total amount for the bucket
  • a clear indication whether GST is included in your invoice (remember the Cobudget amounts are GST-exclusive)
  • your name, contact email and bank account number
  • whether you are invoicing for you personally or on behalf of an Enspiral venture
  • the web address and name of the Cobudget bucket.

Here's a link to the Financial Agreement

Coming soon!

History of Collborative Funding at Enspiral

How Enspiral uses Cobudget

Link to previous collab funding annual reports

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