Collaborative Funding

The Greaterthan team are working with Enspiral and the Ops Team to deliver Facilitated Cobudget rounds on a monthly basis. (Contributors only: read more context about this on Loomio:

How to get paid for a Cobudget Bucket

Once you've proposed a Bucket and it gets Funded (Woohoo! High-five!!), at the end of the funding round you will be contacted by email with a request to send an invoice to Enspiral Foundation via

In your invoice, be sure to include:

  • the total amount for the bucket (remember, the amounts in Cobudget are GST-exclusive)
  • bucket name and URL
  • a clear indication of whether GST is included in your invoice
  • bank account number

Here's a link to the Financial Agreement

If you can see room for improvement, please feel free to edit this page. Find out how.

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