Enspiral Handbook
Activation Programme
This is an experiment that is currently being run with new contributors.

What is it for?

This programme aims is to support new contributors to become quickly active in the community through a "learning by doing" process. It consists in completing a list of easy / intermediate / hard challenges that will help any new contributor know more about Enspiral processes, people and culture.
What are the challenges?

Easy challenges

    Enspiral processes
      join a working group
      give feedback on the activation programme
    Enspiral people
      attend an in person enspiral event
      interview an old timer
    Enspiral culture and ideas
      write a blog post
      create a loomio thread
      share something that excites you on Facebook group / watercooler channel

Intermediate challenges

    update the handbook
    create an improvement ticket
    create a bucket in cobudget
    get paid from a bucket
    complete an improvement ticket (alone or with someone else)

Harder challenges

    steward a new contributor through the activation programme
    find paying work for someone enspiral

What is the experiment process?

The experiment was kicked off at the beginning of sprint 30, with a loomio invitation to recruit initial voluntary participants. We will be holding fortnightly check-in threads in slack and tracking engagement with a monthly survey to get feedback from the participants.
Here are the success criteria we will be assessing:
    How many people opt in to the experiment
    How many challenges people complete
    How much all the participants felt part of the community after completing some/all challenges
    How easy to use all the participants found it
    How much support participants receive to complete the challenges.
This chapter will eventually be a whole section with different pages.
    Overview of different ways people engage as individuals at Enspiral
    How to become a contributor, then a member
    Individual opt-in and contribution process
    Onboarding documentation
    Link to People Agreement
    Link to list of Members
If you want to join the experiment (or support people who are) then jump into the #activationprogram slack channel.
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