Google Apps accounts for contributors

Here's a few things to know about Google apps at Enspiral.

  • An account allows you to have all the normal google services hosted within Enspiral's Google apps domain. eg. an Enspiral email address and aliasaes, google drive, google calendar and google groups. But an account isn't neccesary to interact with Enspiral people or to use the various services and tools.
  • An account costs 90 NZD per year. This Loomio is where it was agreed on. This bill is separate to the annual opt-in contribution.
  • Any contributor can request a Google Apps account, if they need it to represent Enspiral.
  • If you need an account to work for an Enspiral venture, that venture may pay for that account for you.

To request an account, or to get your account removed, fill out this form

Email account security

Operations HIGHLY recommends you secure your account. A few small tweaks will reduce the chance your identity is stolen and used to create fake credit applications... Here's some suggestions:

  • Use a long password. Getting Chrome to remember it is better than nothing (we use 1password but realise not everyone is in to that).
  • Setup 2-step authentication. Seriously, it's not worth the risks of not doing it. Do Google's security check up here. Ideally do everything on that page but at the very least setup 2-step and some backup codes in case you get locked out. It'll only ask you for a code every 30 days either via text or the google authenticator app. Use the app if you'll be travelling overseas.
  • Make sure your software is up-to-date
  • School up on what phishing is and how to avoid it. There are some really great looking fake gmail login pages out there that will suck up your login details and you won't have a clue you've been hacked, until it's too late. Read this

If you can see room for improvement, please feel free to edit this page. Find out how.

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