Enspiral Services Venture Profile

Venture Description (200 words)

Professional services

Key personnel

Joshua Vial

Latest Quarterly Update

  • June - September, 2016: starting to clean the slate for new beginnings

Founding Date & Brief History

This was the original Enspiral company we used to explore a freelancer collective

Legal structure

Limited Liability company. One share held in trust by JV, the intention was to issue more shares to other folks which was put on hold due to unresolved tax issues.

Business Model

Consultants invoice clients for their time

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

Help people earn a good livelihood so they can self fund on mission driven projects.

Venture Stewards


Enspiral Foundation Contribution

  • Each contractor gives a portion of their revenue to Enspiral Services (between 0% and 20%). We contribute 1/4 of all contributions to Enspiral Foundation. Typically 2-4k per month.

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