Contact person

Dan Milward (021 449901) - [email protected]

Venture Stewards

  • Joshua Vial

  • Kate Beecroft

  • Rohan Wakefield

Venture Description (200 words)

Gamelab is all about learning through game design.

We have built an online platform for making games that is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Gamefroot makes it easy for people to show off their creations, both online and on their devices, which can then be used as evidence of learning.

We develop resources and facilitate workshops using Gamefroot that teach both young people, adult learners and teachers computer programming/coding, storytelling and STEM skills through the act of making games.

We have over 15 years of experience in the games industry and we’re sold on education. Gamelab is committed to sharing knowledge and being world leaders in the edu gaming space.

Our product is free to use at

Links to website or other resources

Key personnel

  • Dan Milward - Founder

  • Benjamin Harding - Lead Developer

Founding Date & Brief History

Gamelab was formed in 2012. Prior to Gamelab we ran a services company called Instinct Entertainment (closed 2011) that made games for clients.

Developing games for customers was not something we ever wanted to do long term. Making great games and learning resources that can lead to social impact-based outcomes is what we want to do.

Legal structure

Incorporated company

Business Model

Revenue Streams

  • Gamefroot SAAS subscription billing

    • Subscription services for different tiered users

  • Partnerships (related to SAAS accounts)

    • In progress: Partnerships with education providers (e.g. dev academy) to design and maintain bespoke curriculum.

  • Workshops

    • Student and Teacher workshops / PD opportunities

    • Designing new courses (with Kate)

      • Exploring workshops similar to Tech for Non-Tech such as “Make an App in a day with Dev Academy”

  • Sponsorship

    • Currently investigating whether to create a charity or Not for Profit organisation or whether or not we could use an existing Enspiral entity for sponsorship engine.

Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

To help make education engaging and empowering.

Asks to Enspiral

  • Introductions to channel partners who can get lots of gamefroot subscribers in.

  • Introductions to technical educators who might want bespoke curriculum.

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