Enspiral Handbook
Venture Introduction Template
To apply as a new venture, the following information is submitted by the venture stewards for consideration by the Enspiral Members. (See the Venture Agreement for more details).

Venture Name

Contact person
    Person - contact info
Venture Stewards
Venture Description (200 words)
What the venture does
Links to website or other resources
Key personnel
team members and roles
    person - role
    person - role
Founding Date & Brief History
Where did this venture come from?
Legal structure
Incorporation type, shareholding info
Business Model
Revenue streams, types of clients/users, plan for financial sustainability and growth
Impact Strategy / Theory of Change
Social impact mission
Enspiral Foundation Contribution
What you offer the network, financial and non-financial
Asks to Enspiral
How can the network support the venture?
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Venture Name