Enspiral Academy

Venture Description

Enspiral Academy focuses on education for emerging industries. Our main product is an intensive 18 week course to train web developers.

Key personnel

  • Joshua Vial

  • Rohan Wakefield

  • Billy Matheson

  • Silvia Zuur

  • Jaime Campbell

  • Rupert Snook

  • Esther Van de Poll

  • Ming Janssen

  • Anthony Cabraal

  • Rebeka Whale

  • Michael Coffey

  • Molly Parker

  • Charlotte Graham

  • Simon Tegg

  • Piet Guerson

  • Sarrah Jayne

  • Mix Irving

  • Don Smith

  • Joseph Quested

  • Rich Churcher

  • Daniel Lewis

  • Michael Williams

  • Michael Smith

  • Ian Kirkpatrick

  • Sarah Rogers

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Latest Quarterly Update

  • None yet, stay tuned for July 2016

We switched the course to a javascript curriculum and launching an Auckland office

Founding Date & Brief History

Rohan and JV were running a tech recruiting business in 2013 and saw first hand the shortage of tech talent in Wellington. JV knew the founder of Dev Bootcamp from working together on Bettermeans who agreed to license the curriculum and business model. We opened enrollments in December 2013, raised 100k of debt and ran the first cohort in May 2014.

Legal structure

Limited Liability Company with Rohan and JV as the sole shareholders with a commitment to transfer to a collective ownership structure in a capped returns model once the company membership is strong enough. Current aim is for 2017.

Business Model

Our primary customers are people switching careers, though we have had a few school leavers go through the course. Students pay tuition and some employers make a small contribution when they hire a graduate. We don't receive any government funding or subsidies though are exploring opportunities to make that possible.

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

  • Tech as the biggest exporter of NZ

    • Increase the size and quality of our talent pool

    • Continuous professional development

  • Population Parity in tech

    • Help more women become programmers

    • Help more Maori become programmers

  • Regional economic development in NZ

    • More high paying jobs outside of our main cities

  • Transforming NZs education sector

    • Cost effective and relevant tertiary education

    • Better tech education in schools

    • Treat people like people and train the whole human

    • Education that is integrated with the wider industry/community

Venture Stewards

  • Jaime Campbell

  • Daniel Lewis

  • Silvia Zuur

Enspiral Foundation Contribution

$500 / month though our target is 2% of revenue once we get on our feet financially.

$1000 bootcamps for Enspiral Members.

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