Venture Description

Loomio exists to make inclusive decision-making easy, by providing an online space that empowers groups to come together, build shared understanding, and agree a clear course of action. Loomio enables more resilient communities, more adaptive organizations, and more participatory government.

Key personnel

  • Robert Guthrie

  • Hannah Salmon

  • Natalia Lombardo

  • James Kiesel

  • Michael Elwood Smith

  • MJ Kaplan

  • Alanna Krause

  • Ben Knight

  • Matthew Bartlett

  • Mary O’Keeffe

  • Vivien Maidaborn

  • Babs Lake

  • Richard Bartlett

Contact person: Richard Bartlett - rich@loomio.org

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Quarterly Update

July 2016

  • We're moving into "just ship it" mode as we test if there is a viable SaaS business model that can sustain Loomio.

Founding Date & Brief History

Loomio Cooperative was founded in August 2012. Loomio emerged from a collective need for more effective tools for collaborative decision-making felt by people at Enspiral and activists involved with the Occupy movement in 2011.

Legal structure

Loomio Cooperative Ltd is a limited liability company, that is also a registered worker-owned cooperative. Loomio is owned by its ten worker-members, with 18 impact investors holding redeemable preference shares.

Business Model

Loomio has a SaaS subscription model, where customers pay a monthly fee per group. We also have a gift plan for groups without the budget to pay for a subscription.

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

We’re building Loomio because we believe that increasing the organising capacity of lots of small groups of committed people can create big change.

If we can help break the tradeoff between effectiveness and inclusion, then we’ll see more engaged communities, more effective activism, more human-centered workplaces, and more participatory government.

Venture Stewards

  • Richard Bartlett

  • Ben Knight (on leave)

  • Marianne Elliot

Enspiral Foundation Contribution

Financial: $200/mo flat contribution at present. Also funding an Enspiral Catalyst role (0.2FTE).

Non-financial: Loomio team members are active in Enspiral membership, and regularly engage in media and profile-raising for the network.

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