Metric Engine

Venture Description

Facilitate Australian city and regional councils to share learning with each other. Through our platform, they share operating metrics, practical hints and tips, challenges, and reports.

Key personnel

  • Andre Bate, CEO


  • 027 257 0679

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Quarterly Update

July 2016

  • We published our work on urban forests.

May 2016

  • Getting back on the horse

Founding Date & Brief History

Joshua Vial built a website for his Dad, to help councils share data. Andre came onboard 5 years ago.

Legal structure

Better Insights Ltd

Business Model

Councils pay an annual subscription. We aim to grow the number of councils who are members and explore expanding into different geographies and topics (currently only helping Australian councils with parks and open spaces).

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

Helping councils share data helps them provide better public spaces, which provide environmental benefits, social and health benefits.

Venture Stewards

  • Malcolm Shearer

  • Damian Sligo-Green

  • Joshua Vial

Enspiral Foundation Contribution

  • We share approximately 5% of our revenue with Enspiral

  • We aim to provide assistance to other ventures in developing their product and business model

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