WG Status: Vibrant

How Catalysts Work

We're governed by the Catalyst Agreement
Current catalysts are: john gieryn and Joriam Philipe
Current catalyst supporters are: Lisa Gill, Joshua Vial, and Teddy Taptiklis. The catalyst supporters are invited to hold more strongly the responsibility of selection, support, and funding of Catalysts, but are aided by the Catalysts (especially in the latter).
Catalysts operate on 2 week sprints.
We keep the network up-to-date through the regular "Enspiral Video Updates". we also work to ensure that relevant news goes out through our newsletter. Videos from the previous catalyst cohort may be found on our Youtube channel.
All catalyst work is tracked on the the Improvements board. You can see completed work, and a full archive, on github.
We try to take notes in all our meetings, and share them in the Slack channel #wg-catalysts.

What are we doing

Catalyst Accountability Pulse + Next Steps Pulse (Update 2020-06)

As part of our inquiry into how to better do ‘succession’ and hand the Catalyst-baton to the next round of Catalysts, we got to the conclusion that we could create a Catalyst Accountability Pulse and use it to also assess future candidates. This supports our intention of creating a process that Enspiral (and even other orgs!) can use to manage, recruit and evaluate Catalysts.
It also forced us to better define what Catalysts really do. We tried to keep it vague enough so different Catalysts could apply their style to the points, but specific enough so that Catalysts can point at those items and say “my project is about this guideline”.
The guidelines are captured in our first trial of the Accountability Pulse + Next Steps Pulse, and you can read more context and share feedback or ask questions in the Loomio thread/ current home for these Pulses.

Contact us

On slack at #wg-catalysts or by direct message or email [email protected]