Collaborative funding

WG Statuses: Hibernating
UPDATE 2021-08-28 | These Working Groups are not the same in scope but their activity areas did overlap. Notable recent Loomio threads included the final notes from the Assembly Sprint and the orange flag from the board, which the Financial WG characterized as a good flag that some proactivity in this area would benefit the network, but not a real sign of anything at risk at this time.


UPDATE 2021-08-28 | This Working Group was rebooted in later 2020 with the Assembly Sprint, and ran up through the 2021 June/July Assembly Sprint. Details of their work is there and in their slack. [Related Loomio threads could be linked here to improve this historical record]. Some of this work was not documented in great detail, and sits between Sukie Conley, Malcolm Coleman-Shearer, and to a lesser degree Joshua Vial and Dan Lewis; some of this is captured in the Living Agenda/Notes for the Financial Working Group, findable on Enspiral's GDrive.
Leads: Sukie Conley, john gieryn, Co-leads: Malcolm Coleman-Shearer, An Van Damme, Declan Keefe
On slack at #wg-financial

Collaborative Funding

UPDATE 2019-11-06 | This Working Group is hibernating, and this page was never developed beyond what's listed below.
Lead: Fran Pick
On slack at #wg-collaborative-funding
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