Well Working Group (WWG)

Communication Channels


The Well Working Group will facilitate the development and support of an Enspiral Agreement on the subjects of:

  • personal conduct
  • harassment and abuse
  • conflict resolution
  • interpersonal mediation

The Well Working Group will also help to develop and maintain accessible network resources which support:

  • constructive dialogue
  • generative co-working
  • the wellbeing of our collective, our interpersonal relationships, and each Enspiral Contributor and Member

Current Members

Toni Reid, john gieryn, Greg Cassel, Camia Young, Rich Bartlett, Patricia Morgan

About Membership

WWG members steward and facilitate the group's goals, and promote inclusive network participation. Members may add members at any time, if desired, by the mutual consent of existing members. Let us know if you’re interested!

How to Participate

All Enspiral participants are invited to directly add comments, questions and suggestions to the WG's draft documents, and to engage in the linked discussion channels. WWG members will strive to address all feedback in a reasonably timely manner.

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