Enspiral is a network of people who support each other to do meaningful work.

Or at least that's one way to define what Enspiral is. Check out our website for more context. You might also be inspired by our blog Enspiral Tales and this video created at Enspiral Summer Fest 2018.

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About This Handbook

This Handbook's primary audience is Enspiral members, but it will be publicly available for others who might find it useful. The goal is to give everyone in the network as much clarity and context as possible, while sharing our structures and practices with the outside world as well.

Our handbook is designed as an always relevant living document. The handbook is constantly changing, and certain links point towards internal documents which contain the most up-to-date information. If you see something that could be improved: that's your invitation to improve it! Find out more about editing the handbook.


The book is broken up into chapters and sub-chapters. The chapters are:


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