Brand Agreement

Brand WG is currently "inactive". Approval process in this agreement should be updated.

Note: this agreement is not about ‘branded Enspiral ventures’ or Enspiral associated ventures/companies. For now potential ventures go through the venture process. We have identified that that work needs wider input and alignment with the people working on clarifying Enspiral ventures.

This agreement is explicitly for anyone to use the Enspiral brand to align with their project, initiative, venture etc and get the right support and help they need to make it happen.

‘X by Enspiral’ can be used for things like… 'supported by, powered by, associated with, sponsored by...

Under this agreement to use the brand in this way all you need to do is:

(1:) Articulate your initiative by using this form

The purpose of this form is to act as a risk register and ask some reflective questions that further the thinking of the person behind the project, whilst providing some rigour of thinking to people outside of the project.

(2:) Gain approval from 3 members of the working group.

This will require you to reach out and chat about your idea with at least 3 people in the Brand Working group. It’s a good chance to circulate your idea in the network, gain momentum for it and also get valuable feedback to see risks, issues and opportunities you might not have seen yet.

When you’ve got this crew behind you, you can go for it and use the brand on your amazing, innovative, risky-as-hell or safe-as-houses new 'Supported by Enspiral' project.

If you fail spectacularly and publicly, you'll have our support. Innovation is messy - and running with clear intent and failing is a great thing. If you succeed, awesome. No doubt the network will continue to support you.

If you're looking for specific on how to use Enspiral Logo and Brand, check out this document.

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