Node Agreement

Enspiral Nodes Agreement

An Enspiral node is a formal subgroup of Enspiral that has the power to manage their agreements, processes and finances independently.

The Foundation Board is responsible for creating and maintaining the Node Requirements (below) which are required to outline the requirements for starting, running and closing a node.

The Foundation Board has the power to approve requests for new Nodes and dissolve inactive / rogue Nodes.

Node Hosts

Each node is expected to have at least two node hosts who are responsible for communicating with the Foundation Board and the wider network.

Joining / leaving process

A node has the power to invite a new person to join Enspiral. Each member of a node is automatically a member of the global network.

A node also has the power to force one of their members to leave the network. While this power is expected to be used infrequently it is an important safeguard to protect the wider community.

Independent Finances

A node may have finances independent from the Foundation and receive all membership fees from their members directly.

A node may also opt to have membership fees go directly to the foundation if they do not want the overheads of managing their own financial infrastructure.

Multi-node membership

An Enspiral member may be part of multiple Nodes. Membership of multiple nodes is encouraged and such people act as important connectors in the wider network.

Node Requirements

The Board will update this agreement periodically with an advice process. This policy is a first iteration, if it hasn’t changed by Mar 2023 it is probably a bit stale.

Please talk to the Board early if you are considering starting a Node. When you’re ready to form a Node, fill in this form.

Nodes must:

  • maintain communication with the Board. Nodes must name 2 formal representatives who will be responsive to Board requests.

  • hold a gathering at least twice per year (online or in person). Members of other Enspiral Nodes must be welcome to join at least part of the gatherings.

  • maintain written documentation (e.g. handbook, wiki, shared doc), visible to the wider Enspiral network. Nodes inherits all Enspiral agreements, unless explicitly overwritten.

  • have a membership policy, e.g. who can invite someone to join? What is expected of them? On what grounds would they be asked to leave?

  • communicate with Enspiral Ops within 5 working days when a member joins or leaves so we can maintain our global member database and add them to our global communication platforms.

  • if financially enabled, Nodes must make finances transparent to the wider Enspiral network. Nodes are expected to charge members a subscription fee, though offering scholarships or subsidies where appropriate is acceptable.

  • ensure that all ownership and control over Enspiral branded domain names, trade marks, social media accounts is given to the Enspiral Foundation.

  • receive Board or Brand working group approval for any commercial use of the Enspiral brand except for running Enspiral gatherings.

You can see current Enspiral Nodes here.

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