Pods Agreement

This agreement is about how we distribute the support and care tasks in the network and replaces the former Stewardship Agreement in this respect.

Pods are small groups of people (4 to 5 is suggested) formed by people in Enspiral. Why Pods? It is important to distribute the tasks of supporting and caring for each other – and building relationships – around the network in a structured way. If you want to give and receive care in this network, then you have a responsibility to make that happen. Pods are one way in which the network is formally committed to supporting you in this. It's a good place to start, and this agreement ensures that a Pods Working Group will exist to facilitate that for you.

The Pods Working Group (Pods WG) is accountable for hosting the Pods formation process on a regular basis, once or more per year and communicating updates with the Network which could include status, progress and learnings.

For information about how we implement Pods, see the Pods Guide.

Loomio thread for this agreement.

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