Working Groups Agreement

There are currently no catalysts in Enspiral. Formal WG approval process in this agreement should be updated.

Approved: April 2019

Working groups are the way we build and maintain Enspiral, if Enspiral were a body, working groups would be the organs.

Types of Working Groups

There are three types of working groups: informal, formal and financially enabled.


An informal working group is the easiest to start, it requires no approval and only needs at least two members to qualify as a working group.

  • Any two people can start an informal working group for any purpose they define.

  • It can be for a short lived project or long term mission.

  • The working group can set its own rules for who can join.


A formal working group is a more robust working group with additional powers and responsibilities.

  • Catalyst approval is required to create a formal working group.

  • Only formal working groups can be delegated responsibilities or powers in an Agreement.

Financial Enabled

A financially enabled working group is able to use the Enspiral Foundation Ltd as a financial and legal platform. They can use the company to receive, spend and hold money and enter into legal contracts.

  • Board approval is required to create a financially enabled working group.

  • Financially enabled working groups operate an autonomous business unit within the Enspiral Foundation Ltd.

Responsibilities and powers

All Working Groups

Be awesome, look after your members, do good work, have fun, clean up after yourselves.

Formal Working Group

Responsibilities and powers as delegated by agreement.

Financially Enabled Working Group


  • Create a budget and keep it up to date.

  • Prepare and publish financial reports.

  • Only enter into contracts that have been approved by the board.

  • Work with the Enspiral Foundation book keepers to keep its accounts in order.

  • Provide information requested by the board or Catalysts in a timely manner.

  • Don’t create extra work for Catalysts.

  • Don’t create headaches for the board.


  • Enter into (pre-approved) legal contracts on behalf of the Enspiral Foundation.

  • Receive funds from collaborative funding processes directly to its business unit.


Catalysts are the friendly gatekeeper for formalizing a working group.


  • Catalyse a healthy working group ecosystem.

  • Maintain an up to date list of all working groups.

  • Create and publish criteria for being a formal working group.

  • Periodically conduct health checks of all working groups.

  • Support and train financially enabled working group members to use Enspiral Foundation systems and processes.

  • Act as a backstop for financially enabled working groups and intervene at the boards request if they are disbanded.


  • Approve / reject requests to become a formal working group.

  • Disband a dysfunctional formal working group.


The board is the friendly gatekeeper for financially enabled working groups.


  • Ensure the Enspiral Foundation systems and processes are able to accomodate financially enabled working groups.

  • Create and publish the criteria for a financially enabled working group.

  • Approve / reject legal contracts for use by financial enabled working groups.

  • Ensure each financial working group is solvent and any mismanagement does not impact other working groups or core funds.


  • Approve / reject requests to become a financially enabled working group.

  • Disband a financially enabled working group and appoint someone(s) to unwind the business unit.

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