Board of Directors

As a registered New Zealand company, Enspiral Foundation Ltd has to have directors. Enspiral’s goal is to distribute vision, strategy, and leadership as widely as possible in the network, so the board has a narrow focus. You can see the details in the Board Agreement.

With recent changes to Enspiral membership and emergence of nodes the role of the board in the network is currently in transition.


  • Legal and financial compliance

  • Management of major risk

  • Steward of the Enspiral brand


  • Oversee the Foundation’s financial accounts

  • Make agreements between the Enspiral Foundation and other entities (MOUs, Service contracts)

  • Occasionally make recommendations or raise issues to the members or the network as a whole

  • Have some emergency powers to use in rare crisis situations if our other processes have broken down


The board reports regularly to the network as a whole on Loomio, and participates quarterly venture reporting (since Enspiral Foundation Ltd is itself an Enspiral Venture).


The scope board is that the scope is limited - the board specifically focuses on Enspiral Foundation Ltd (not the entire Enspiral network), and within that only governance.

Examples of things within scope:

  • an MOU between the Enspiral Foundation and an external organisation

  • an issue with one of the Foundation’s service contracts (such as Enspiral Ops)

  • a serious concern about brand or reputation risk, or if you’re unsure when it’s OK to use Enspiral’s brand publicly

  • a question about running a transaction through the Foundation’s bank account

Current Directors

Susan Basterfield

I’m a catalyst, cultivator, convenor and curator, helping individuals and organisations experiment with new ways of working and being. I’m a member of the Golden Pandas, participate in a variety of working groups, engage in acts of ambassador-ing, and work with teams worldwide as a coach and facilitator.

Richard Bartlett

I'm enthusiastic about co-ownership, self-governance and building relationships of partnership instead of domination to create collaborative workplaces. I'm a co-founder of Loomio and The Hum. I have a unique way of seeing patterns and speaking about complexity in simple words.

Charley Davenport

I am an experienced systems and technical support specialist and helping people to connect with new technology is at the heart of what I do for work. I'm currently working with New Zealand-based electric vehicle charging network Thundergrid as a Charge Point Operator, with the mission of transitioning transport to cleaner technology. I also work with the Enspiral Venture Greaterthan administering finances. I am also a freelance cellist and adventurous performer and arts advocate in Wellington.

Lucia Die Gil

I would love to see the spaces where we work and live together becoming healthier, more open, more spacious and more generous. I believe that bringing awareness to our relationships is the key to setting the foundations of the structures we can create these spaces around. With that focus, I work with global people and organisations as a coach, trainer and facilitator.

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