Ops Scope


The contract

Enspiral Foundation Limited via the Board has contracted the Ops team to provide a range of back office and administrative services. This is a summarised version of the agreed scope of work.


The Ops team were a pod within Enspiral Services Ltd but in March 2017 setup as an independent company. They were originally founded by Malcolm Shearer and Phill Coxon in July 2015 to take on the admin work of Tracey in Enspiral Services Ltd and Phill in Enspiral Foundation Ltd. The current team, all based in Wellington:

  • Malcolm Colman-Shearer

  • Charley Davenport

  • Rupert Snook

  • Andre Robertson-Bate

Contracted work

Banking and Xero - Financial Admin

  • Process invoices and bills and keep bank accounts reconciled to Xero

  • Update accounts on the my.enspiral backend system, and regularly reconcile

  • Make payments for monthly fixed costs

  • Pay out Cobudget buckets after the Bucket Payout form is filled in.

  • Chase any overdue invoices

  • Work with the accountants and make sure the monthly financial report is published to members

  • Keep an accurate record of how much we have in all Foundation accounts

General Inquiries

  • Respond to emails coming to [email protected] (website contact address) and [email protected]

  • If someone doesn't know who to talk to at Enspiral, point them in the right direction

  • Ops can also be contacted via the Slack channel #ops_chat

Manage Contributors

  • Manage contributor enquiries about operations via email, slack and Google forms.

  • Process requests from members to add new contributors

    • Send new contributor welcome email

    • Add new person to online systems

    • Keep list of contributors up to date

  • Manage contributor re-opt-in and financial contribution process (at three months, and annually thereafter), including removing contributors who opt out

Manage Tools

  • Serve as SaaS admin for all Foundation platforms

  • Reconcile list of users for all tools with master list of contributors

Manage Membership

  • Run annual member re-opt-in process and check in with members on hiatus

  • Work with the Member meeting crew to schedule 2-monthly members meetings

  • Add and remove members from the Members Loomio and Slack groups as needed

  • Manage issue and forfeiture of member shares in the Foundation

Company Support

  • Compliance paperwork for AGM and Shareholder meetings

  • Manage Enspiral Foundation Ltd on the Companies website and CompanyBox

  • Maintain a shareholders register

  • Manage document signing for shareholder resolutions

Collaborative Funding

  • Ensure all contributors are added to Cobudget

  • Distribute funds in Cobudget according to contributions

  • Update buckets when paid out

Role Optimisation

  • Manage and prioritise a roadmap of identified and suggested improvements to Foundation processes

  • Make improvements within scoped budget to provide increased value to Enspiral Foundation

  • Reporting back on improvements periodically

  • Update the FAQ, help, and onboarding documentation when possible