Ops Scope


The contract

Enspiral Foundation Limited via the Board has contracted the Ops team (Optimi) to provide a range of back office and administrative services. This is a summarised version of the agreed scope of work.


Optimi is an Enspiral financial sponsor founded by Malcolm Colman-Shearer in 2015 to enable organisations to spend more time working on the stuff that matters by optimising organisational systems and processes.

Contracted work

Banking and Xero - Financial Admin

  • Process invoices and bills and keep bank accounts reconciled to Xero

  • Make payments for monthly fixed costs

  • Pay out Cobudget buckets when requested.

  • Chase any overdue invoices

  • Work with the accountants

  • Keep an accurate record of how much we have in all Foundation accounts

General Inquiries

  • Respond to emails coming to foundation@enspiral.com

  • Look after decentralised system that sends contact requests to Slack

  • Ops can also be contacted via the Slack channel #ops_chat internally

Manage members

  • Process requests from node hosts to add new members

  • Keep list of contributors members up to date

  • Offboard members who are leaving

Manage Tools

  • Serve as SaaS admin for all Foundation platforms

Manage Foundation Stewards

  • Run annual foundation steward re-opt-in process

  • Manage issue and forfeiture of shares in the Foundation

Company Support

  • Compliance paperwork for AGM and Shareholder meetings

  • Manage Enspiral Foundation Ltd on the Companies website

  • Maintain a shareholders register

  • Manage document signing for shareholder resolutions

Collaborative Funding

  • Ensure all members are added to Cobudget

  • Distribute funds in Cobudget according to requests from the Board

  • Update buckets when paid out

Role Optimisation

  • Manage and prioritise a roadmap of identified and suggested improvements to Foundation processes

  • Make improvements within scoped budget to provide increased value to Enspiral Foundation

  • Update the FAQ, help, and onboarding documentation when possible

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