The 2022 changes to Enspiral structure (removing the two-tier membership and introducing nodes) transformed how we onboard people into the Network.

Before joining Enspiral we invite you to read Enspiral Guide for Newcomers compiled by Nick, providing excellent starting point into your Enspiral experience.

This post on Loomio compiles useful information and tools for new Enspiral members

Activation Programme

Activation Programme was an experiment launched in 2017 aimed to support new contributors to become quickly active in the community through a "learning by doing" process. It consists in completing a list of easy / intermediate / hard challenges that will help any new contributor know more about Enspiral processes, people and culture.

While the programme is not currently running, the challenges are still relevant for the newcomers to Enspiral.

Easy challenges

  • Processes

    • join a working group

    • give feedback on the activation programme

  • People

    • attend an in person Enspiral event

    • interview an old timer (even better, make a podcast!)

  • Culture and ideas

    • write a blog post

    • share something that excites you on the watercooler channel

Intermediate challenges

  • update the handbook

  • create a loomio thread

  • get paid from a bucket

Harder challenges

  • steward a new contributor through the activation programme

  • find paying work for someone in Enspiral

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