Ops processes

This is a list of processes that Ops runs in Enspiral Foundation and which are part of our scope of work

  • Onboarding, offboarding and maintenance

  • Bookkeeping, maintaining collab finance

  • Minor support to the network around these processes

  • Shareholder maintenance / company office updates

  • Optimising processes to reduce overhead and make things simpler

  • Knack support (the directory platform).

Contributor processes


Optimi are contracted by the Enspiral Foundation to manage the global membership. When a new member is added by a Node, Optimi will add them to our loomio, slack, google drive and mailing list. If the Node is not financially enabled Optimi will also manage the financial subscriptions to the Foundation.

If a Node wishes for Optimi to do any custom integrations or management they will need to enter into an independent arrangement.

  1. Node reps complete the “Add new contributor form” listed on the Forms page in Loomio. Members are the new Contributor’s Steward by default unless they have arranged for someone else to be their Steward.

  2. Upon completion of this Form, Ops receives a notification with all of the details.

  3. At the same time, the new member is sent an automated email with a link and request to login to the directory.

  4. Once they’ve set their password and logged in, they can fill out their bio including the following fields: personal tagline/origin story, website, ask me about, skills, activities, values, interests, bio/introduction, aspirations within the network

  5. Once filled in, Ops invites them to Slack and Loomio for introductions as well as these other tools:

    • Cobudget

    • Added to the Foundation Global members (to access Google Drive, this has to be a Google account)

    • Newsletter list (managed by the newsletter person).

  • Introductions are added to each tool as they accept their invites (which can take a while). Be sure to look our for those emails. Introductions are done on these channels:

  • At this point the member is considered “Onboarded”


Contributors are offboarded from the network when:

  • they cancel their subscription

  • their payment method fails 3 times (they're still given some time to get in touch and can ask to be added back in, in the future)

  • they click on the “Opt out request” button in the directory app under My details

Ops then removes the member from the following systems:

  • Loomio

  • Cobudget (any remaining funds are recycled into the next Cobudget round)

  • Removed from the Foundation Global Members Group

  • Removed from the Monthly Enspiral Newsletter e-mail list (by newsletter person)

  • Slack: (Note: you cannot fully “remove” users, instead the members account is “disabled”)

If the member has a Google Workspace account (a "name @ enspiral.com" account), they are notified via email and Slack that their Google Workspace account will be removed in two weeks. Ops schedules the account removal date. After two weeks, the account is removed and any remaining Google Drive documents owned by the contributor and shared with others are re-assigned to a nominated account managed by Ops.

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