Enspiral Europe

Enspiral Europe node exists to cultivate more connection for Enspiral people who live in Europe.

Group photo from the Jan 23 Winter Retreat in Belgium.


Handbook: Enspiral Europe Node - an evolving document where we document the formal agreements that we collectively developed to govern ourselves, including our current Node Representatives. We are a new node and we expect that the policies there will be updated frequently as we learn what works.

You can see the current members of Enspiral Europe Node on our Open Collective page.


  • Governance: Loomio (Enspiral Europe subgroup of Enspiral)

  • Transparent Finances & Memberships: Open Collective

  • Communication: Slack #europe

  • Misc: Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.)


This article documents the origin story of the Enspiral Europe Node (from January 2020 to February 2022), with the intention to clarify the node formation process and serve as a roadmap guiding new nodes to emerge. The project was funded through the Fall 2022 Enspiral Cobudget Round. Thank you for making this possible 💚

Podcast Series: Emergence of Enspiral Europe Node


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