Enspiral Foundation Ltd

  • Constitution - the legal doc that governs the Enspiral Foundation Ltd.
  • Board of Directors - the legal board of directors
  • Comms Role Scope - we pay someone to do communications work
  • Ops Scope - the most incredible bunch of humans run the backroom operations at Enspiral
Purpose, scope, role
  • Owns the Enspiral brand and IP
  • Is owned collectively by the Enspiral Foundation Shareholders
  • Charitable company
  • Vehicle for collaboration
  • Budget comes from contributions from ventures and individuals
  • Not intended to hold financial risk
  • The Enspiral Foundation is incorporated as a limited liability company with a charitable constitution. It is not officially registered as a Charity, but is governed for charitable purposes.
  • Some of the Foundation Stewards are the shareholders of the Foundation and collectively own it
  • Shareholding relates to decision-making stakeholding power, and does not bear financial dividends.
  • The Foundation is structured so that no profit is taken out - all financial returns are re-invested in supporting the network as a whole and its social impact mission.
  • constitution
  • shareholding
  • agreements
Registered company: