People Agreement


The Enspiral Network is a collective of people - at its heart Enspiral is simply made up of relationships. Everyone at Enspiral is a Contributor, and some are also Members. As Members are a subset of Contributors, they are expected to fulfil everything under “contributors” below, in addition to what’s listed under “members”. This agreement specifies these roles.
--- Contributors ---
--- Members ---
Invited by any Member
Nominated by any Member
Approved by Quorum Decision of the members
Opts out at the 3-month point or annual renewal point
Removed by Emergency Decision of the members
Resigns at any time, or opts out at the 6 monthly check-ins
Removed by Emergency Decision of the members
Follow agreed Enspiral policies (such as the Diversity Agreement)
Opt in after 3 months and every 12 months after that, and make a self-set financial contribution (see Financial Agreement)
Accept the invitation to the Enspiral Loomio group
Hold one non-financial share of Enspiral Foundation Ltd, representing collective ownership and decision-making stakeholding
Respond promptly to requests related to shareholder duties, such as signing required paperwork
Decide which contributors, members, and ventures are invited to join and asked to leave
Appoint directors of Enspiral Foundation Ltd and hold them accountable
Participate in Member decisions on Loomio
Opt-in every 6 months
Participate in online communications channels and collective decisions
Allocate funds in Cobudget
Contribute to the internal culture of support and generosity
Help build Enspiral in your own way
If you notice something that can be improved, work on it or talk to people about it
If you access an opportunity through Enspiral, set it up to contribute back to the network in some way
Learn about the social mission and uphold the values
Attend Members meetings and retreats
Choose to do your most important work within the network
Ensure that your personal success contributes back to the network in some way
Actively participate in the wider network, online and offline
Attend Enspiral retreats and events
Host events, share your knowledge and skills
Propose buckets in Cobudget, and work on other’s projects
Refer opportunities to Enspiral people and ventures
Respond to invitations to participate in network initiatives and contribute to setting the direction of the network
Do commercial work through ventures in the network to enhance your livelihood and that of others
Invite new Contributors
Support people to navigate their Enspiral journey
Create opportunities and offer support for others
Facilitate new Ventures joining, and serve as a Venture Steward
Serve as a director of the Enspiral Foundation
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