Financial Transparency

Note: This page is accurate as of March 2018

How money works at Enspiral is determined by the Financial Agreement. This page is to provide information and transparency about our financial situation.

Income and Expenses


Enspiral Foundation income comes from both Ventures and Contributors

Venture contributions:

$ From
500 EDA
170 Fairground
200 Loomio
40 ActionStation
150 Optimi
200 EXP
350 Root Systems

Contributors pay a variable weekly, monthly or annual subscription fee; this is currently being set up. * The Contributor amount below is a current monthly amount based on 42 Subscriptions on the new model.

So Foundation monthly income is:

$ source
1510 ventures
1253 contributors *
2763 total


Expenses we have collectively agreed to fund on an ongoing basis.

$ thing
3200 Enspiral Ops (scope)
140 General Expenses (bank fees, company registration, accounting etc.)
322 SaaS
480 Comms (scope)
4142 total

Money we have

*(Contributors only: check out the Enspiral Foundation Financials Loomio Discussion for the latest discussion and information.)

Invoices & Expenses

*Normal cashflow account where bills are paid and sales invoice income first enter Foundation's bank account


Emergency Fund

Amount set aside by the Board of Directors


Normal Reserves

Spending these funds is a decision of the Enspiral Members

$29,469 in reserves

Foundation Cobudget

This is money that has been allocated in the foundation cobudget system but has not been spent. We're considering what we want to do about all this money as it is continuing to increase.

$15,927 in Foundation Cobudget

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