Enspiral Chalkle Transition Message to all contributors

Enspiral has recently decided to move to Chalkle for learning events and classes. Our vision is an empowered community of learning, skill sharing, and rich experiences.

You are now a “teacher” on Enspiral’s Chalkle, and you’re encouraged to host and attend events and classes. To be notified about events at Enspiral and host your own, follow these steps.

Go to http://www.chalkle.com/enspiral Click ‘sign up’ and create an account (unless you already have a Chalkle account) Make sure you are set up as a teacher - you should be able to access “create a class” on the lefthand sidebar of http://www.chalkle.com/enspiral If you have any issues email support@chalkle.com

More info…. How Does Chalkle Work? Chalkle is an Enspiral venture that connects people to local learning experiences. It’s great for hosting events, classes, talks, etc. Up to now, we haven’t had a single place for posting events - from now on Chalkle will be that place.

We’ve invited everyone to be “teachers” on Chalkle using the email we had for you as an Enspiral contributor (which you’re receiving this email on). If you haven’t signed up for Chalkle already on that email, you’ll need to create an account. If you have login issues or want to use a different email, contact support@chalkle.com.

Attending Events All Enspiral Contributors will be subscribed to follow the Enspiral Chalkle Provider page, and get notified of upcoming events (once you have created an account). If you’d like to attend one, just RSVP. Your confirmation email will include a link to add the event to your chosen calendar system.

If you are located in a different city than the event is taking place, check the description to see if a video conference link is provided. If so, you can RSVP as a remote attendee.

If you prefer not to be notified about Enspiral events, log into Chalkle and go to your user profile settings page (https://chalkle.com/me/preferences). You can set notifications to daily, weekly, or never.

Hosting Events Everyone is encouraged to host events! As a contributor, you are a “teacher” on Enspiral’s Chalkle “provider page”, which is at http://chalkle.com/enspiral. That means you can post events.

To post an event or class, log into Chalkle and go to Enspiral’s page (http://chalkle.com/enspiral). There should be a sidebar menu on the left side of the screen. If there isn’t, click the “expand” button next to where it says “Enspiral” in the bottom left.

Collapsed sidebar:

Expanded sidebar:

Click “New Class” on the lefthand sidebar and fill in the details about your event - time, location, description, etc. Note that some of the language is really set up for classes - do not worry about this. It will show the following: Learning Outcomes - are shown as “The details of the event” Class Activities - are shown as “What we’ll be doing”

Go through the whole wizard and publish your event (it will only be bookable and found by people after you have published it). After you publish your event, you are given the option to notify all Enspiral followers.

Paid Events Many events will be offered for free, but you can charge if you want - we hope this can provide extra incentive for more people to teach stuff! If you want to charge for attendance, it’s up to you how much goes to you (the teacher), and to Enspiral (the provider). Chalkle takes a small fee for all paid classes (free classes are free). You’ll make this choice as you’re walked through the “new class” wizard process.

Remote Attendees and Hosts Regardless of your location, you’re also welcome to host Enspiral events on Chalkle! If possible, you are encouraged to include a video conferencing link in your event description, so people who live in a different city can attend your event remotely.

Events are Public Events on Chalkle are public, so people from outside the network may sign up. However, if you chose to “notify Enspiral” when you publish, only people within the network will get the message. You can share the URL of your Chalkle event publicly on Social Media, etc, as you like.

If you want to hold an event or meeting that has a specific private guest list, we encourage you to use Google Calendar or another service and invite people directly to the event.

What Now? First: create your account by signing up here: http://chalkle.com/enspiral. Then keep an eye out for notification of upcoming events, and think about what amazing skills, knowledge, and experiences you want to share with the network.

We will shortly be shutting down Enspiral’s Google+ community, which many people were using to announce events. Please do not post notices about events on Loomio (unless there is a real decision-making aspect relevant to the whole network). You’re welcome to post links to Chalkle events on Slack, social media, etc.

If you have any questions or issues reach out to support@chalkle.com.

If you can see room for improvement, please feel free to edit this page. Find out how.

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