Enspiral Handbook

Manage your enspiral.com profile

All contributors to enspiral can have a public profile on enspiral.com There are just 2 easy steps you need to do.

Step one

Make sure you have a gravatar identity. Enspiral.com pulls bio photos from any gravatar account you choose. Setting up gravatar is super easy.
  1. 1.
    go to ​gravatar.com
  2. 2.
    click sign in (top right)
  3. 3.
    (option) login with google - this will pull your google associated avatar through as your first
  4. 4.
    (create account) with email/password
  5. 5.
    upload an image

Step two

Fill in the form to confirm your name, short bio and relevant weblinks in our database. This is super easy via our airtable setup:
Just go here:
and use the password:

Please note

At a minimum you need to provide a:
  • Public Name (what you want to be known as on the website)
  • Public Description (less than 80 words!)
  • Gravatar email
  • Everything else is optional!!!

And Remember:

Keep bios to around 80 words
Bios are ideally around 80 words. Example bio that fits well on the site is:
"Gina has been around the Enspiral network for a number of years. She was one of the inaugural catalysts, worked on the Low Carbon Challenge and co-lead Lifehack until it closed down in October 2017. She now works with the Dev Academy team and sometimes EXP. She's a facilitator and programme designer with a background in corporates, strategy, research and marketing"