Since the adoption of the stewardship agreement, we're in a process to give stewards to all members, new contributors, and anyone else who wants one.

As this process gets underway, the intention is to update this guide with what we learn about processes and guidelines.

Stewarding circle

We've just set up stewarding relationships for all active Foundation members (discussion here):

Once we've ironed out the kinks in the system with the first batch, we'll extend the system to eventually include all Contributors.


We’ll have a stewarding workshop at the 2017 Members Retreat, where we can reflect on this experiment and capture insights and learnings.

In addition, EXP Ltd is organising another Stewardship Retreat which runs from 10am Friday 16th to 3pm Sunday 18th of December 2016, at the Riverslea Retreat Centre near Otaki. This event is open to all Enspiral Contributors - Contact the EXP crew for more information


The stewarding system within Loomio is a good starting place if you want to learn about stewarding in practice.

more links to resources here


matchmaker role definition here

If you can see room for improvement, please feel free to edit this page. Find out how.

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