Enspiral Handbook

Venture MOU

Memorandum of understanding between [ Enspiral Venture ] (“the venture”) and the Enspiral Foundation. This document is to be agreed upon an official invitation by the Enspiral Members to join as an Enspiral Venture.
The Venture and the Foundation each agree to uphold their responsibilities as defined in the Enspiral Ventures Agreement.
The Venture commits to the following financial contribution to the Enspiral Foundation:
Financial contributions are invoiced monthly, unless otherwise specified.
The Venture may update the details of its contribution commitment at any time, and the Foundation will agree to the new terms without negotiation. Any changes to the contribution commitment requires a new MOU to be signed.
Non-financial contributions that are not specific, or change frequently, are not agreed here. However, if the venture wishes to specify defined non-financial contributions which are intended to be long-term commitments, they may be listed below.
Either party may terminate this agreement with one month’s notice. Changes or termination of Venture MOUs are reported to the network.
Venture Steward
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Venture Contact Person
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Enspiral Foundation Director
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