Venture Description

EXP runs events, conferences and hosts retreats within the Enspiral network - also offers consulting services in facilitation, programme design & delivery and entrepreneurship coaching.

Key personnel

  • Ants Cabraal - Diretor

  • Silvia Zuur - Director

  • Billy Matheson - Director

Contact Person

Silvia Zuur

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Quarterly Update

July 2016

  • Our first three months of business at EXP - whoop! So far so good.

Founding Date & Brief History

Silv and Ants did a bunch of informal consulting via Chalkle and separated it out into a temporary home as part of Enspiral Academy in 2015. We joined forces with Billy and spun out EXP as a legal foundation to hold our consulting and run conferences like OS//OS so they don’t need to be put legal pressure on Enspiral Foundation.

Legal structure

LLC. 3 equal shareholders.

Business Model

Running profitable events. Consulting.

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

When people connect, the world changes.

Venture Stewards

  • Ants Cabraal

  • Silvia Zuur

  • Billy Matheson

Enspiral Foundation Contribution

  • $200+gst/month contribution to the Enspiral Foundation

  • Running big high profile events for the network.

  • Running retreats for the network.

Asks to Enspiral

  • Pass on facilitation contracts to us

  • Help us promote our events

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