Venture Description

Scoop is NZ’s largest independent news source; respected widely in media, political, business and academic circles for being the place on the internet for publishing “what was really said”, and for the quality of its analysis of issues.

Scoop is about empowerment, plurality of viewpoints, debate and equality of access to the fruits of the information age. Our mission is “to be an agent of positive change” and for 17+ years we have sought to achieve this mission by providing every voice in NZ access to a platform to express themselves, and every news consumer an insider’s view of the news creation process.

Key personnel

Scoop Publishing

  • Gordon Campbell - Editor

  • Lyndon Hood - News Editor

  • Lindsay Shelton - Wellington Scoop Editor

  • Jackie Little - Reporter

  • Liana Pantaleo - Reporter

  • Wiremu Demchick - Technical Lead

  • Finlay Thompson - Technical Adviser

  • Steven Wood - Business Dev Manager

Scoop Foundation

  • Alastair Thompson - Trustee

  • Jan Rivers - Trustee

  • Jeremy Rose - Trustee

  • Margaret Thompson - Trustee

Contact person: Steven Wood [email protected] +64 4 909 7594

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Latest Quarterly Update

July 2016

  • This quarter was a big one for Scoop, hitting the 17-year-old milestone, new appointments, and really appreciated the massive support from our community...

Founding Date & Brief History

The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism was incorporated as a Trust on the 8th of September 2015.

Scoop Publishing is the publisher of, the leading independent New Zealand news site founded in 1999 on June 10th.

Legal structure

The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism is a charitable trust board established for the purposes of “supporting the publication of trustworthy, relevant, public interest information, freely accessible to all New Zealanders, so that they can participate in democratic processes.”

The Scoop Foundation is the sole owner of Scoop Publishing Limited, a social enterprise, which is structured as a not for profit company with the same purposes as the trust.

This relationship provides the trust with an influential platform from which to build a sustainable financial base – by supporting its fundraising activities – and to provide opportunities for broa d distribution of public interest journalism content commissioned by the Trust.

The editorial independence of the Scoop Publishing company is enshrined in our trust deed.

Business Model

Scoop Publishing is transitioning to a sustainable business model, based on selling ethical paywall commercial use licenses. Scoop’s ‘ethical paywall’, will also ensure the New Zealand public free and unlimited access to news on Scoop so everyone can be informed.

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

The social impact strategy of the Scoop Foundation is to recreate the future of news media in New Zealand by creating an independent, sustainable and participatory model for news publishing. This will be achieved by providing education, support and finance for high quality independent journalism in New Zealand which we believe will play a vital role in our democracy. The Foundation also seeks to open source the learnings and technological tools developed in the process to assist other organisations to follow this path and form an ecosystem of independent news and media publishers.

The Scoop Foundation is a member focused organisation and is committed to transparency, accountability and providing meaningful opportunities for members to participate in shaping the organisation.

Venture Stewards

  • Joe Cederwall

  • Anthony Cabraal

  • Theodore Taptiklis

  • Alastair Thompson

Enspiral Foundation Contribution

Non-financial - InfoPages site for Enspiral which provides highly visible platform for posting Enspiral or enspiral venture blogs and press releases.

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