Status: Vibrant

How Catalysts Work

We're governed by the Catalyst Agreement

Current catalyst is: john gieryn.

Current catalyst supporters (who are former catalysts) are: Susan Basterfield, Joshua Vial.

Catalysts operate on 2 week sprints.

For demonstration and reporting, short videos are made to share catalyst progress with the network. These are reported fortnightly in Loomio threads appended with "Catalyst Video Report" and in #wg-catalysts. There are regular, but less frequent, reports that are designed to keep the whole network connected and up to date with network news, requests and offers, and more. These are posted in the same places, as well as published in the network newsletters. Videos from the previous catalyst cohort may be found on our Youtube channel.

All catalyst work is tracked on the the Improvements board.

We try to take notes in all our meetings, and share them in the Slack channel #wg-catalysts.

What are we doing

Sensing community needs, initiating responses, delegation in line with contributors development journey and their passions and wellbeing.

catalyst priorities, with Peer Support, Clarity, and Retreats as priorities or "the big sticks I'm chewing"

picture of current priorities as of 12 October, 2018

  • Capacity development of groups and individuals, and relationship-building.
  • Sense-making (maintaining context).
  • Growing our habits of reflection and retrospectives.
  • We help working groups to form and maintain good health and working relationships.
  • We remind people of the things they said they would do.
  • We encourage people to contribute, e.g. by matching people to opportunities, or inviting individuals to contribute on specific tasks.
  • We maintain our own internal rhythm, which everyone else can sync up with if its useful.
  • We do things until we can delegate or automate them.
  • We maintain an overview of all the working groups in the network so we can help direct people's attention.
  • We act as theatre attendants, supporting people - new or returning - to find a place of meaningful contribution or benefit for them.

TODO: share example of working group formation, e.g. the stewardship project

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